How do we organise?

Organisational Structure

We work in ways called Self-Organising Systems, i.e. decisions are made by those with the mandate for specific tasks. This means that decisions are made by small circles of people instead of large group consensus. Each circle has one or two coordinators who are responsible for ensuring that the group meets regularly, fulfills its mandate and stays in touch with other circles.

There is a national group responsible for supporting the local groups in case of problems and coordinating national actions that take place regularly. It is advised to join a local group to learn and gain experience before joining the national group. There are a growing number of Local Groups in Belgium, each of which is building its own structures with different working groups. Here are some of the possibilities : Action and Strategy, Communication and Media, Outreach (which includes events, trainings, flyering…) , Regenerative Culture (making sure we do fun stuff too!), Research, Finance …

Online Platforms

Here are some of the platforms used to communicate inside XR Belgium.

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